2004S-0170 - Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, Section 1013: Suggest Priority Topics for Research
FDA Comment Number : EC3
Submitter : Dr. Eric Coleman Date & Time: 05/03/2004 05:05:30
Organization : University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
State Government
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Issue Areas/Comments
From the standpoint of improving quality and ensuring patient safety, I would proposed that improving care coordination/care transitions across settings. The Institute of Medicine has identified care coordination as a "cross cutting" priority area for the nation.

Improving care coordination is directly related to the implementation of the prescription drug coverage bill for Medicare beneficiaries. Despite significant national awareness for the problem of medication safety, there has been relatively little attention paid to problems faced by older patients receiving care across multiple settings. Older adults with complex care needs frequently require care from different practitioners in multiple care settings and are particularly vulnerable to medication errors and discrepancies. They suffer from a high burden of interacting acute and chronic conditions, including cognitive impairment, they often receive medications from multiple prescribers, and they consume a disproportionate number of prescription medications placing them at high-risk for adverse drug reactions.

Research is needed to develop, test, and implement patient-centered models of care that support patients and their caregivers as they receive care across settings. Within this area, attention to strategies to ensure medication safety would be paramount.

Thank you.