2004N-0049 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Control of Communicable Diseases; Restrictions on African Rodents, Prairie Dogs, and Certain Other Animals
FDA Comment Number : EC79
Submitter : Ms. Jenny Auditory Date & Time: 05/03/2004 05:05:12
Organization : Costco
Federal Government
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
Please lift the ban on black tailed prairie dogs. I have two and would like to rescue several more, since I have a farm and the ability to give them good homes. You should ban African imports, because that makes sense. You should make it harder for pet stores to sell animals like prairie dogs, without educating potential owners on the specialized diet and housing needs. They should be required to have a special license. There were greedy pet stores, selling prairie dogs to people, who put them in bird cages and fed them rabbit food. A complete disaster for both the owner and the animal. Please do the responsible thing and lift this ban and regulate the pet trade, for the sake of this very unique animal. Jenny.