2004N-0049 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Control of Communicable Diseases; Restrictions on African Rodents, Prairie Dogs, and Certain Other Animals
FDA Comment Number : EC77
Submitter : Ms. Char. Close Date & Time: 05/03/2004 05:05:30
Organization : Char's Reptile Store
Private Industry
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
I have strong, grave concerns about CDC and FDA trying to federally mandate this ridiculous idea of banning our native American species, the PRAIRIE dOG. I believe that our taxpayer dollars contribute to this government agency so technically, you work for ME!!! I don't believe the federal government has any business BANNING any native American species from John Q. Public. I hate to tell you this but you cannot put us in germ free bubbles and try to 'protect' us from every type of germ out there. These animals have been kept as pets long before CDC and FDA ever existed and why you think it's ok for you to ban them seems like a civil rights violation to me!! If I want to take it upon myself to protect and live with an animal in my homestead I should have every right to do so. Why is it ok to indiscrimanately shoot to kill these animals but not keep them as pets in your home?? Dosen't that seem a little out of whack?? I don't think I need some federal agency, that is so weighed down with beauracracy, that not a single person or department will claim knowledge of being in charge of this particular docket! It's crazy--I can't seem to find the person 'in charge' to talk to. What's up with that? How unorganized is that? The real fact is, yes, sometimes zoonosis can and does occur, but with proper education on care THAT DOSEN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN!! Why is it that a select few think that they are the ones that can protect the 'morons' from having pets...that only THEY know what is good for the sheeple? Isn't that COMMUNISIM??? TYRANNY!!!! I can understand some guidelines, perhaps some restrictions with permits or a more pragmatic approach...but an out and out ban is just downright UNAMERICAN!!! The percentage of a zoonosis related incidence is really miniscule (like monkeypox) in comparison to the benefits of having these animals as part of mainstream America. Phychological benefits have been proven time and time again as to having companion animals and you know it! Let me remind you that the Taliban didn't allow the supressed people of Afganistan to have 'pets'. By putting a ban on ANY animal suggests a COMMUNIST/TYRANICAL environnment and not one of a free society. By putting more and more rules, regulations and laws into place all you are doing is taking more freedom away from us and punishing the RESPONSIBLE folks!! That is not your job! Let we the people of the United States of America decide what is good for us--not a radical, terroist organization under the gise of 'animal rights', nor an agency that talks about the 'possibility' of some kind of virus that needs to protect the 'moron sheeple'. I have sent many comments and signed petitions from concerned citizens who do not have and probably never will have a prairie dog, but ARE concerned about our rights as well as the fact that if you start banning native species, what about those that are already being threatened due to loss of habitat! Foxes, box turtles, skunks, wolves tons of other animals which wouldn't even exist today if it weren't for those from the PRIVATE SECTOR funded by their own money! NOT INSTITUTIONS funded by TAXPAYERS! Non-native species, badly need human intervention and now you will want to ban those too because of possible disease...give me a break! Rabbits, dogs, cats even little corn snakes...more and more being banned by city and state levels not to say discrimnatory apartments and subdivisions. It's ridiculos! Where is it going to stop???? It's time the government stop interfering with LIFE!! We share this world with many species and we need to learn to live with them!!!! In and outside of our homes. GOT IT!!! NO NO NO NO TO THE PRAIRIE DOG BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!