2004N-0049 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Control of Communicable Diseases; Restrictions on African Rodents, Prairie Dogs, and Certain Other Animals
FDA Comment Number : EC58
Submitter : Mrs. Carine Cattellion Date & Time: 05/03/2004 05:05:30
Organization : Flemish Prairiedog Organisation
Health Professional
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
Once again I want to express my opinion in this matter...
Due to a Monkey Pox Outbreak prairiedogs were banned, yes I agree...it was neccesary to take actions at the time yet the prairiedogs werent't the cause of this disease...now MPV is history and still the prariedogs are being punished for a ' crime' they didn't commit...they were victims, just like the people who bought them and got sick...because of your actions many prairiedogs, prairiedog owners and vets are facing unforseen problems, not only in the USA but worldwide...as a nurse I fully understand your concern for national health but please think twice...you banned the prairiedogs because of MPV so what are you going to ban to prevent mad cow disease?? All the cows nation wide?? What are you going to ban because of the West Nile Virus?? Alle the mosquito's nation wide?? I guess not but for a disease which is behind us you still ban innocent animals...All I can say and ask is the following, lift this ban so prairiedogs will face a better future in the wild and as pets world wide, several organisations are already involved in the USA but also in Japan and Europe (Belgium, Germany,Sweden, Danmark, Italy, Spain etc).
The only thing what is really neccesary are strict regulations on petshops and exporters.
One last thing, priariedogs are native to your country so don't destroy your inheritance...prairiedogs deserve much and much more...
A legend says that prairiedogs build the world...something to keep in mind!
Carine Cattellion