2002N-0278 - Small Entity Compliance Guides on Registration of Food Facilities and Prior Notice of Imported Food; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC399
Submitter : Mr. Mario Cloutier Date & Time: 05/03/2004 05:05:18
Organization : Les Jardins Paul Cousineau & Fils inc.
Food Industry
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As I mention one hour for the prior notice it's will be perfect.The voluntary participation is request from all company who want to sell or send any food to U.S.If as a company we do everything to be cetified and on the side thre an other company who don't take care of all these rules. It's won't be fare . For me thre's no doubt or your in or your out. I personnaly think that if the agent from the FDA agree and cetified my company with all the rules against the bioterrorisme, there's nothing to add . If the food you ship is not transform and there's nothing add or transfor or process on or in the food, I suppose it's will be faster at the border. Do we have to send the prior notice only by electronic or can we continue to use the faxto send it. ?????? We need absolutely to be train and form by the FDA to be sure of what we are doing!!!! If they form us there's gonna be less mistake and we will not loosing our time and money to repair mistake . It's a question of efficiency.