2001P-0075 - Switch Status of Emergency Contraceptives from Rx to OTC
FDA Comment Number : EC643
Submitter : Mrs. Jolene Thompson Date & Time: 03/29/2004 02:03:45
Organization : Henry County Right to Life
Individual Consumer
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
I urge you to disallow Emergency Contraceptives to become OTC. I do not believe that children should have easy access to these drugs without proper dispensing by a physician. As a parent I do not appreciate the ease of access switching ECs to OTC would give to my children to purchase these drugs without my or their physician's knowlege. As a counselor for a pregnancy help center, too little truthful information is being given to the way ECs work. Many of my patients are not aware of the risks they are putting themselves at especially long term. Many are under the impression that ECs could be taken after each act of intercourse. As a board member for my County's respect for life committee, I do not support ECs as an ethical source of contraceptive. Their abortifacient nature has serious ethical and moral consequences and these have been greatly overlooked and downplayed especially by the media. Women deserve better than to be misled by the pharmaceutical industry that ECs are like M&Ms. And as the watchdog of our health you deserve better than to be misled that ECs belong OTC.

I do not support this switch of status of ECs to OTC.