2001P-0075 - Switch Status of Emergency Contraceptives from Rx to OTC
FDA Comment Number : EC605
Submitter : Miss. Claire Veggeberg Date & Time: 03/22/2004 01:03:01
Organization : Texas Christian University
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Issue Areas/Comments
To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Claire Veggeberg and I am currently a nursing student at TCU. I am opposed to docket 2001P-0075 - Switch Status of Emergency Contraceptives from Rx to OTC. I am asking you not approve Plan B for OTC use and to carefully consider the consequences of this action.

If ?the morning after pill? is approved for OTC use it will negatively affect the public?s health by promoting promiscuity and unprotected sex. Not all women understand that Plan B is not a replacement for the correct and consistent use of traditional contraceptives. This misunderstanding will only lead to an increase in STDs, including HIV-AIDS due to fewer safe sex actions. To encourage health promotion activities why not make traditional contraceptives easier to access or more affordable? When taken correctly, traditional contraceptives are more effective, healthier, and safer than this medication. Moreover, the ?morning after pill? is basically a formulation of birth control pills taken at high doses. If birth control pills are to remain by prescription only then what is the justification of providing the ?morning after pill? without a prescription if it is essentially the same thing? I believe that because birth control pills require a prescription, then Plan B should require a prescription too.

Furthermore, there are many misconceptions about this medication and its mechanism of action. Patient education provided by a physician is essential to fully understand what Plan B is and how to take it correctly in order to make an informed decision. Not all women have the ability to utilize medication correctly without proper patient education. Most women may understand when the ?morning after pill? is needed but not all will understand when it is not needed. Therefore, it is essential for women to be evaluated by a physician before taking Plan B to ensure its correct use and prevent overuse.

I urge you to keep ?the morning after pill? as prescription only. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Claire Veggeberg
Student Nurse, Texas Christian University
5413 Enclave Cir. #515
Ft. Worth, TX 76132