1998N-0359 - Program Priorities in the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nurtrition; Request for Comments
FDA Comment Number : EC119
Submitter : Mrs. Carrie Hahn Date & Time: 07/28/2004 05:07:13
Organization : WAPF
Food Industry
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
We need to protect our food supply. Corporate greed has led to the health epidemic in this country. Do not allow foreign countires to import shrimp that is raised with Chloramphenicol, which is linked to human aplastic anemia, intestinal problems, and neurological reactions; and nitrofurons, found
to be carcinogenic. Although it may cut into the pocket books of the mega food producers, there are better, safer ways to produce our food. It is the job of our government to protect it's people and provide for safe consumer products.