2004N-0221 - Medicare Modernization Act Section 107(f) - Study on Making Prescription Pharmaceutical Information Accessible for Blind and Visually-Impaired Individuals; Establishement of Docket
FDA Comment Number : EC24
Submitter : Mrs. Kristina Lawrence Date & Time: 07/07/2004 06:07:12
Organization : National Federation of the Blind
Individual Consumer
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Issue Areas/Comments
Currently, I need to rely on my memory when given a perscription. Remembering the name, dosage and how often it is given / taken are important. But I would also like to know potential drug interactions, side effects and warnings. This information is given to me verbally when picking up the medication. Being the mother of two young children, it is important to keep their medications straight. Due to their ages, they receive differing dosages. If I have questions about the medication, I must either call the pharmacy or a consulting nurse to get that information.

By offering the instructions / information in an accessible format, I would not be dependant on my memory or the phone connection to the medical professionals. I would have the same access to information that any sighted mother / individual has.

While I would like to see perscription information offerred in either Braille or Large Print, this will not meet the needs for a large number of blind and visually impaired persons. The fastest growing population of blind and visually impaired persons are those 55 years of age or older. Many of these individuals do not read Braille and cannot see Large Print well enough. Therefore, they will need to have an audible reminder of their medications.

An accessible format of perscription drug information will be of great benefit to the blind and visually impaired population. Having access to your own or your children's perscription information ensures that there are no undue and avoidable errors. It also allows for many to maintain their dignity, independance and privacy when dealing with medications. All persons should have this ability whether they are sighted or blind.