2004N-0221 - Medicare Modernization Act Section 107(f) - Study on Making Prescription Pharmaceutical Information Accessible for Blind and Visually-Impaired Individuals; Establishement of Docket
FDA Comment Number : EC20
Submitter : Ms. Yasmin Reyazuddin Date & Time: 07/07/2004 06:07:20
Organization : National federation of the blind
Individual Consumer
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Issue Areas/Comments
I am blind and have to use medications prescribed by my health professionals. The medications come in similar bottles and there is no way of figuring out before opening the bottles which medication is in which bottle. The technology exists that the pharmacist can label every medication with a speech device to identify the medication. This will be helpful as it will reduce the amount of time spent on finding the right medication.
Seniors who are loosing their sight will also have less to worry, as they can understand the instructions recorded on the talking labels. People who may not read as English is not their native language will also benefit.
The blind and visually impaired people have a difficult time getting services and taking medications should not be difficult for them.