2002N-0276 - Small Entity Compliance Guides on Registration of Food Facilities and Prior Notice of Imported Food; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC387
Submitter : Mrs. Rachel Garcia-Banegas Date & Time: 07/07/2004 05:07:28
Organization : NM Border Authority
State Government
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Issue Areas/Comments
Apparently, cattle is being treated in a different manner crossing the border. The FDA holds them at the border for long periods of time, often in the heat, where cattle lose weight and cannot drink water. The rancher in turn loses money at the point of sale because the cattle has lost wieght. Please reconsider in the manner and timeliness that the cattle are inspected. Cattle do not become feed until after they have be quaranteed in the US for a minimum of three months at which time they are re-inspected.Cattle is not imported and immediately utilized as human consumption.