2002N-0278 - Small Entity Compliance Guides on Registration of Food Facilities and Prior Notice of Imported Food; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC494
Submitter : Mr. Brian Williams Date & Time: 07/06/2004 06:07:35
Organization : British Foods Inc
Food Association
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
Dear FDA, Further to your regulations which are to be inforced August 2004. Small business owners throughout the country are very concerned of loosing everything they have worked so hard to build. Not only will the small business owners loose their business, but their home, and income. Most small business owners work for themselves or employ part time workers to help, and all these factors need to be evaluated into your decision making.

Peoples lives will change dramatically, small business owners have registered with the FDA, why not screen small business owners, check their I.D's ensure that they are legal residents or citizens of the country. Have names and addresses of companies that they buy from in the computer system. Because most countries even though thrive on the export profits that their companies make, they are anti small business owners. Prior notice entries are very costly to people, because brokers whom compile the entries are charging double for the duplicated paperwork they are having to do. The prior notice entry is very costly with expenses and time, because of all the paperwork involved the FDA are constantly behind which causes additional expense due the demaurage charges. You may say build the cost into the products, well people are only prepared to pay so much for a product. Many people believe that the FDA are simply going out of their way to put importers out of business, well look at it this way, if anyone had a family member that had a small store, and relied on speciality foods from respectable countries to be imported, for example speciality chesses, wines, chocolates etc, they would be sending an email also, pleading with you to find another way to enforce security checks.

FREE TRADING is a saying of the past, today citizens of this country do not have much FREEDOM anymore, and we moved here believing in FREEDOM, especially that we work so hard for our family. Again peoples lives include children, there has to be another way to carryout security without casing a hugh crash in the import system, a lot of people have already suffered at the hands of the stock market, what is next.