Volume 4



Cover Letter

Appendix A - Report on NMR Analysis of Enoxaparin Oligosaccharides

Appendix B - Titration of Human AT with Oligosaccharides

Appendix C - In Vitro Evaluation of Anticoagulant Activity of Enoxaparin Fractions

Appendix D - Evaluation of the Influence of 12 Heparinoid Derivatives on Thrombin Generation

Appendix E - In Vitro Testing of 12 Heparinoid Agents on 4 Haemostatic Parameters

Appendix F - Regulation of the Biological Activity of Fibroblast Growth Factor by Enoxaparin In Vitro

Appendix G - Effect of Enoxaparin and Novel Polysaccharides on Proliferation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Appendix H - In Vitro HIT Cross-reactivity of Chemical Synthetic Oligosaccharides

Appendix I - Effects of Unfractionated Heparin, Low Molecular Weight, Synthetic Polysaccharides and Pentasaccharide on CD62-mediated Platelet-neutrophil Adhesion