2004N-0330 - Joint Meeting of the Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee and the Pediatric Advisory Committee
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Submitter : Mr. Rev Daniel Izzo Date & Time: 08/10/2004 05:08:09
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Adverse reactions with Anti Depressants

Was anyone ever cured ?

A Lot of information on a innocent web Blog from the Jehovah's Witnesses about people who have had bad reactions with alleged Anti Depressants

Concerning Prozac in Drinking Water:

I read a internet story that prozac was being called " happy pills "

I was shocked because I tried related meds and they made me try suicide.

I felt so restless on paxil in Sept 1999 I wanted to jump off of a cliff, and tried suicide because of an over due Tax bill.

Please review the supporting blog on " Happy Pills "

and most if not all posers claim the same thing


That is absolutely misleading.

If they where pills that made me feel Happy , it would like them.

most people say they made them feel " numb and couldn't cry " ( heal )

Legal or Medical Marihuana would help maybe it is the essential fatty acids in hemp oil

so I tried Cod Liver Oil and felt a lot better.


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PS ( in reality it is lack of power/job/money nothing to love that makes people go into stress crisis )

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United States, Wisconsin Happy pills ? No they don't actually make you happy ,they kinda let things not bother you so much. I have been on antidepressiants for 15yrs and as far as depression in my family , well it runs rampant. I do think in most cases it is needed ,but remember if you do decide to quit taking them for even after you have been on them for a short peroid of time ,some people go through really bad withdrawl. Believe me i did and my son did and he was on only a few months.
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Damn that funk! It is different for everyone and best to ask a doctor, but I can tell you what works and has not worked for me. Pills made me crazy..er. eh. crazier perhaps is better. I thought about suicide before, but never every tried it until I was heavily medicated by the doctors. For me they did nothing but make me feel like crap physically and I often wondered if the idea behind the pills was, if they feel like crap then the mental/emotional pain will seem less. That is probably not what they had in mind, but I felt really lethargic, unable to concentrate and suicidal when on most of the many many pills I was taking. My pain and problems were not really from anything that could be fixed with drugs. For me dealing with my life has proved much more useful. I remember reading that depression is not really being sad, sad is an emotion and often times
appropriate, depression was more the absense of emotion. When I don't feel anything and don't care to feel anything, when I go completely numb, I am depressed. A bad habit of stuffing things down and shutting them off I learned, perhaps encouraged by the dubs. So when I start feeling 'the nothing' (no not from the neverending story) I start trying to think what I emotion should I be dealing with instead of ignoring. Then I usually get sad or mad or whatever, deal with and feel better. I don't know if this rambling makes any sense or helps, but I will be thinking about you anyways.


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There have been several posts here on depression, and I know many