2004N-0049 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Control of Communicable Diseases; Restrictions on African Rodents, Prairie Dogs, and Certain Other Animals
FDA Comment Number : EC40
Submitter : Mrs. Gena Seaberg Date & Time: 04/08/2004 03:04:23
Organization : Consultant for Captive Pet Prairie Dog Care
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
Part two of two. First email included two word attachments of referenced docket comments. Sent via cert. mail on March 27, 2004. Again, I challenge why the FDA and CDC are not addressing the failure to comply with importation and quarantine as the true problem here and fail to see the logic being applied to one of our native species. If you are going to ban the prairie dog, then to apply your logic, all rodents should be banned, why isn?t this happening? Too much money to regulate this endeavor? Then why should this ban be inequitably applied to our native animals? What will happen when more rabbits are kept instead and people get sick when they are exposed to an infected imported animal that hasn?t been under proper quarantine? Ban all rabbits? Rats? What precedent is being set when both agencies are not addressing the real problem? I challenge the lack of regulation to already established measures as the true problem here and I want an answer as to what is being done to prevent future exposure to other illnesses to other species of animals? I want the documentation to show this information as well.

There are major flaws with the data collection with this docket as well as docket 2003N-0400 since there is no comment or data back to those that have commented to reflect and the information is one-sided. Please respond to all of my questions to both dockets immediately and have your answers reflected in this data collection period. Thank you for your time in advance.

Humbly submitted,
Gena Seaberg