2001P-0075 - Switch Status of Emergency Contraceptives from Rx to OTC
FDA Comment Number : EC677
Submitter : Mr. MICHAEL MOHR Date & Time: 04/08/2004 03:04:21
Health Care Association
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Issue Areas/Comments
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been actively involved in promoting and distributing morning-after pills (MAP) to poor, often traumatized,women and girls in developing nations, long before the abortion-inducing chemical ever became famous in America. Norplant, a chemical with the same active ingredient as MAP, has been discontinued in the U.S., but USAID continues to flood developing nations with tens of thousands of units of it.

USAID?s pro-MAP ideology comes directly from the U.N and the World Health Organization (WHO), and not the FDA. In fact, USAID claims to be able to distribute abortion-inducing chemicals and contraceptives overseas, even
when they are not FDA approved, by following WHO policies.

It is time to end the FDA's charade that it is acting in the
interests of women and girls in promoting the availability of the 'Morning After Pill' (MAP) over the counter. The FDA must refuse to promote the ideological special interests of abortion advocacy and international population control organizations.

American women have everything to lose. I oppose this proposal to make MAP available OTC, and urge you to deny it.