2004N-0221 - Medicare Modernization Act Section 107(f) - Study on Making Prescription Pharmaceutical Information Accessible for Blind and Visually-Impaired Individuals; Establishement of Docket
FDA Comment Number : EC9
Submitter : Ms. Catherine Horn Randall Date & Time: 06/18/2004 04:06:38
Organization : National Federation of the Blind
Individual Consumer
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Issue Areas/Comments
1. I know my pills by the shape of pill bottles and the shapes of the individual pills. Eye drops have an indentation on the top of one of the bottles.

2. I keep medications in a plastic tray with dividers. If I needed, I would put my own Braille labels on each medication. No.

3. Talking chip on each blind persons prescription container would be the most effective way of making medications clearing labeled for blind people who do not know Braille.

4. I was born legally blind and am now totally blind and have learned Braille.

5. Pharmacy sent me the wrong glaucoma drug and my husband had to read the bottle after taking the drug with painful consequences.

6. Call the Pharmacist or Doctor for any information needed.

Yours sincerely, Cathy Randall