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Docket: 03N-0069 - FDA Task Force on Consumer Health Information for Better Nutrition
Comment Number: EC -17

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Commentor Mr. Greg Sullivan Date/Time 2003-03-25 16:56:45
Organization Select Speciality Hospital
Category Health Professional

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I realize the FDA dose not regulate The Nutrional Supplement Industry but it is getting away with false advertising and selling of supplemental products.I must admit rather embarassing that I have become a victim of caveat emptor(BUYER BEWARE) and have been suckered into buying products from DR.FRANK Sinatra's company Advanced BioSolutions.His internet address is and company phone number is 1-800-304-1708.The product in question is Q-gel PLUS composed of 4 medically documented vitamins which are necessary for human nutrition.But,the ingredient which sells the product is L-Carnitine reputed to promote low serum triglycerides by clearing the blood stream of triglcerides which are transported by L-canitine to the mitochondria of cells where this particular form of fat is rapidly metabolised and therby promoting weight loss especially by taking 5 capsules 2 times a day.I started this regimen about 6 months ago. I am being treated for high serum cholestorol with Lipitor.Prior to taking Q-gel my cholesterol was 160 and triglyceride level below 200 or maybe even lower. My last serum lipid profile produced a cholesterol reading of above 200 and a TRIGLCERIDE LEVEL over 500.THIS is a fasting level. Sometings wrong with this picture.The Q-gel cost around 60 dollars a bottle and at 10 per day last 9 days.He promotes other products as well.This man is a QUACK and not a profession MD even if he has a license.I am the fool, and not him.Of course I have cancelled all ties with his company,but I am sure millions of other Americans are being decieved by this portion of the nutrition industry.I know my letter is in vain,but please somehow the FDA must consider that any product sold in pill form MUST BE REGULATED.Prescription drug go thru rigourous testing before being swallowed by a human being.Please,for the help and safety of the American People protect us from such Quacks.I've learned my lesson the HARD way.I know the FDA probably can't afford to regulate the nutrition industry but this problem is rampant in our society.Please form a division of the FDA to eliminate 2003 snake oil salesmen. Respectfully yours, Greg Sullivan

EC -17