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Docket: 95N-0304 - Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids
Comment Number: EC -251

Accepted - Volume 298

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Commentor Mr. Jan. Ruizendaal Date/Time 2003-03-13 07:33:37
Organization Wellness.International.Network.
Category International

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments The use of Bio-lean,which is a product of W.I.N,helped me so much and it still does! I stand up each morning, and at ten o'clock I take my Bio-lean and it makes me feel good trough the whole day.I use it for seven months now and so does my father,a friend of my father and at least ten other people I know and I never heard that one of them had negative side-affects the results whore only positive. As you can read in the Rand repport the use of ephedra is completly safe. If it's used with good meanings but so is asparin, alcahol, sigarets and much,much more products we don't talk about.I support the fact that some regulations or neccasery for the use of ephedra but i know for sure that Bio-lean is a safe product which is used by many,many people for over ten years now,and all positive results.

EC -251