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Docket: 02D-0468 - Draft Guidance-Manufacture& Labeling-Raw Meat Foods-Carnivores&Omnivores
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Commentor Ms. Jennifer Allen Date/Time 2003-03-01 15:52:47
Organization The Fund for Animals
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments February 28, 2003 Dockets Management Branch (HFA 305) Food and Drug Administration 5600 Fishers Lane Room 1061 Rockville, MD 20852 Email: Re: Docket No. 02D-0468 To Whom It May Concern: The Fund for Animals is an animal protection organization that focuses on wildlife advocacy and operates hands-on animal care facilities including the Have a Heart Spay and Neuter Clinic in New York City and the Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. The Fund was founded in 1967 by Cleveland Amory and now has more than 200,000 members and supporters nationwide. On behalf of The Fund and those members and supporters, I submit the following comments regarding Docket No. 02D-0468, Manufacture and Labeling of Raw Meat Foods for Companion and Captive Noncompanion Carnivores and Omnivores. These raw meat foods can harbor dangerous bacteria, such as E-coli and Salmonella, which raises safety concerns for the animals ingesting these products and the humans handling these foods. Therefore, The Fund for Animals supports more stringent manufacturing and labeling guidelines for these food products. Even meat inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for human consumption poses a risk of being contaminated. Raw meat not intended for human consumption lacks even the most basic level of inspection and therefore may pose an even greater risk. For example, through our work focusing on the fur industry, we have found that mink and fox meat is currently not inspected. Therefore, any diseased fox or mink from fur factory farms can end up in animal feed. The Fund supports the recommendation that raw meat ingredients only come from USDA inspected facilities so that contamination is minimized. The FDA can no longer assume that animal caretakers are aware of the risks associated with these raw meat food products. These food products undeniably present a public health and safety hazard. Consumers, and the animals under their care, need further protection by the FDA. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Jennifer Allen The Fund for Animals 8121 Georgia Ave., Suite 301 Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-585-2591 ext. 206

EC -16