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Docket: 02D-0324 - Draft Guid.: Drugs, Biologics & Medical Devices Derived from Bioengineered Plants
Comment Number: EC -51

Accepted - Volume 9

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Commentor Dr. K.B. Austin Date/Time 2003-01-10 12:49:23
Organization Wellness Support
Category Health Professional

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments NO Thank You! When you change the molecular structure through bioengineering plants, creating structures that will then act differently in the are playing with fire. The human body and test tubes are entirely different. Pharmaceutical drugs, perscibed by a doctor in a hospital setting are already the 4th leading cause of death in the USA. Why risk making them the 2nd or 3rd! Stick with nature's gifts to provide the body with natural tools to create healing as the body is by nature designed to do.

EC -51