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Docket: 95N-0304 - Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids
Comment Number: EC -1250

Accepted - Volume 326

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Commentor Ms. Lisa Clark Date/Time 2003-04-02 22:28:47
Organization Jean Enterprises
Category Dietary Supplement Industry

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments As with all compounds whether it be pharmaceutical, OTC, or dietary supplements, consumers are accountable for their use of each and should have to bear some responsibility for their decisions to take products...when...and how much. Perhaps if there is negligence involved on someone else's part, those individuals should be impacted on a criminal basis, albeit a retailer merchandiser selling to a juvenile or a fitness trainer making recommendations to a ball player. Recently there was a report of a father who had given both his young children a large dose of adult cough syrup and to the terror of their mother, she found them both dead in their beds. I did not hear of an FDA reaction to take adult cough syrup from the market or to ban its use. Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals are harmed and sometimes lose their life by taking the wrong prescription medications either alone or in combination. We must be careful that we are not overreacting just because these are dietary supplements. Yes, consumers need to be educated. This industry offers an abundance of educational materials from books to internet sites...there for the diligent, responsible consumer. Many products already carry warning labels as required on a state-by-state level. Ephredra should be consumed responsibly. It is not a magic pill for weight loss. Possibly those manufacturers using the Ephedrine compounds irresponsibly should be held accountable under the claims section of the FDA and FTC. Hefty penalties should be paid. There are many responsible self-regulating good dietary supplement companies that are promoting a healthier society which is good for our already failing healthcare system, our citizens, and our economy. We should not halt the progress made by DSHEA for this industry and even more frightening take steps backward. Then who wins? The companies who have already made their claims, sold herbal speed, will still smurk all the way to the bank. Opening up DSHEA will not affect them. But thousands of other people who make an honest living in this industry could be affected and thousands of people who like myself use dietary supplements for health purposes to promote a better quality of life. I'm a cancer survivor, I decided to take supplements and took the time to do my homework....just like I would read consumer reports for the purchase of a new car, or a new dishwasher, or the latest chemotherapy protocol. Let's not promote ignorance by trying to over legislate an entire industry over one botanical. We must promote individual responsibility. Just as the ads say, Drink and drive responsibly we should be advocates of Take natural remedies responsibly. There are no magic pills anywhere. -Lisa Clark

EC -1250