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Docket: 95N-0304 - Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids
Comment Number: EC -1141

Accepted - Volume 326

Comment Record
Commentor Mrs. Kelly Gilbert Date/Time 2003-04-01 10:20:38
Organization Advantage Marketing Systems
Category Dietary Supplement Industry

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I take a product called AM-300 which has Ephedra in it. Our company has distributed Millions of AM-300 pills with no adverse effects. I can only share the good effects it has had on many people!!!! I personally take AM-300 on a daily basis. I could not imagine going without it. It has helped me increase my energy and lose weight. I have a family history of Diabetes and hypoglycemia. AM-300 has really helped me maintain my blood sugar levels at a safe and comfortable level. I am educated on the history of Ephedra which has been used safely for thousands of years. It has amazing qualities and is safe for human consumption. Of all the cases where athletes have died or become ill from Ephedra is a goverment farce. They looked for a link and found one, and fooled the media and uneducated Americans into thinking Ephedra was the reason for the death or illness. In my opinion (and many others opinions) this is just a way for politicians to keep the drug companies going. I do not take medication of any sort unless I have to. We are an over drugged society. I am convinced that is why we are all suffering from cancer, diabetes, chrones, etc... it is because the government, AMA, pharmacuetical companies and doctors over prescribe patients to keep them sick to give them more medicine and then make more $. The government has invested their money into Pharmacuetical companies. I am PRO-ACTIVE in my health choices and I do not buy that Ephedra is what killed or injured anyone! The politicians have found a link that these people take ephedra products. It could be possible the person took too much? What would happen if they took too much Tylenol? It is the same concept. More people have died from Tylenol than from any ephedra product combined. If you take more than what is indicated on the bottle, you always run a risk of something happening to the wrong. I am very concerned that if Ephedra gets taken away, what is next? This is becoming un-American!!!!!! I would like to feel safe in that my healthy health choices won't be taken away and that my only alternative is to do nothing or to take a man-made medication with tons of adverse side effects. I do believe that any product on the market for human consumption should be monitered as far as the quality of the substance. It should not be allowed on the counter 'for sale' if it was made in someones home labratory. Our company manufactures our products in an FDA approved lab. I hope and pray that my rights won't be stripped away. I will be very vocal on this issue from here on out as I am protecting my families constitutional rights. I choose to take Ephedra in AM-300. I love it and want to keep it! Don't take away my rights, please!!!

EC -1141