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Docket: 02N-0209 - Request for Comment on First Amendment Issues
Comment Number: EC -344

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Commentor Mr. Michael Batchelder Date/Time 2002-09-06 01:30:21
Organization Mr. Michael Batchelder
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Comments for FDA General
9. Are there any regulations, guidance, policies, and practices FDA should change, in light of governing First Amendment authority? I am sick and tired of watching all three branches of government continually give more rights and privileges to corporations that should only belong to individuals. With their ever-increasing clout, corporations then trample on the rights of individuals. Corporations are not individuals, and are not entitled to the protections and rights that individuals are granted under the Constitution. Please take this philosophy to heart and stop advocating First Amendment rights for corporations. Please start regulating in the public interest more aggresively.

EC -344