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Docket: 02N-0466 - Randomized Dose Response Study of Dryvax in Children Ages 2 to 5
Comment Number: EC -369

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Commentor Mrs. Susan Pearce Date/Time 2002-11-24 02:47:53
Organization Wyoming Vaccine Information Network
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I am against a study of smallpox vaccine on children, or on anyone. Some good reasons we are heading in the wrong direction in this regard are below. 1. The authors of a study published in 1980 by Mutation Research came to the conclusion that smallpox vaccination has a 'mutagenic effect' on human chromosomes. [Neil Z. Miller's 1999 book Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?, p. 46] 'Viruses and viral vaccines are agents for the transfer of genetic imprints from one host to another. In other words, because they contain pure genetic material (DNA and RNA) from a foreign organism, once injected into a human recipient, the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells.' [Miller, p. 48] In the 1960s, Joshua Lederberg, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, said that 'live viruses are ... genetic messages used for the purpose of programming human cells'. Lederberg said that 'we already practice biological engineering on a rather large scale by use of live viruses in mass immunization campaigns.' [Miller, p.49] 'No one knows the long-term effects of tampering with the genetic codes and delicate structure of the human organism. However, the physical invasion of the human body by foreign genetic material may have the immediate effect of permanently weakening the immune system, setting in motion a new era of autoimmune diseases. For example, research indicates that psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections. The incidence of schizophrenia is on the rise compared to earlier times, and studies now indicate that about one-third of all cases are autoimmune in nature. Once again, some authorities implicate the childhood vaccine programs.' [Miller, p. 49] 2. Bismarck, Germany's Chancellor 131 years ago, stated after there were 124,948 deaths in highly vaccinated people (96%), 'the hopes placed in the efficacy of the cowpox virus as preventative of smallpox have proved entirely deceptive'. [Isaac Golden's 1998 book Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives, p. 89] 3. Charles Campbell, M.D., of San Antonio, TX, a century ago, found that the bedbug is the carrier of smallpox and that if the premises are kept free of that insect, smallpox will not spread to persons living with the patient. He said that this was the case in all stages of the disease. His experiments showed that the commonly held belief that smallpox is an airborne disease is not true. He also found that fomites (bedding, clothing, hangings) are not contagious, as long as they are free of the bedbug. He also said that smallpox is a disease of people in poor health due to lack of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Type smallpox bedbug into your Google or other search engine to see an article about the smallpox bedbug connection. Although such a connection was not commonly known, there is an interesting story about it from about 1914. The people involved probably were not aware of the connection, either, but I think you'll enjoy reading it. 4. Pure water, Vitamin C, raw fruits, raw vegetables, and their juices are what is needed to have a strong enough immune system to be able to safely get through smallpox without any lasting effects, such as scarring or pitting of the sores. 5. Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano tells how to cure smallpox and how not to do it at Dr. Vetrano takes you through all the stages of the disease, telling you what is the cause behind every single part of it. She tells what to do to get through it safely. She also knows what NOT to do in the care and treatment of the patient. It was written November 2, 2002, and is one of the most important articles you can read about this. 6. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O., knows what you can do in a smallpox outbreak. Her very informative article was written soon after the June 20, 2002, Center for Disease Control meeting of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). It can be found at We are so lucky that someone of her stature was willing to take the time to write about that meeting because two weeks had passed and the media had still not reported on that historic event. She wanted everyone to read her report so they would have the proper perspective on smallpox so that if there is an outbreak, you will see that there is NO NEED TO PANIC. Susan Pearce Wyoming Vaccine Information Network [Wyoming Chapter of Vaccination Liberation]

EC -369