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Docket: 94P-0036 - Labeling of Trans Fatty Acids
Comment Number: EC -13

Accepted - Volume 65

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Commentor Miss Kelley Metivier Date/Time 2002-11-18 14:27:19
Organization PAREXEL International
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I feel that the information pertaining to Trans Fatty Acids should definitely be included in the labeling of products since this is probably one of the best indicators of whether or not a food is good or bad for you. Without knowing the amount of Trans Fatty acids, one is not aware how much of the total saturated fat is in fact trans fatty acids and this could make a huge difference. There seem to be so many studies out laterly, saying how America is getting fatter and fatter well I think that the more informed we are, the more apt we will be to make good choices. What we don't know is perhaps what is killing us. In sum, I feel the more information we know, the better choices we will be able to make.

EC -13