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Docket: 02N-0466 - Randomized Dose Response Study of Dryvax in Children Ages 2 to 5
Comment Number: EC -97

Accepted - Volume 3

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Commentor Ms. Susan Kreider Date/Time 2002-11-02 19:34:59
Organization Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Category Health Professional

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments Do NOT use children as guinea pigs to test safety and efficacy of this 40 year old vaccine based on 18th century technology. As a direct result of all the other vaccines you have permitted them to be contaminated with, our children now have more immune deficiencies and chronic illnesses as compared to children who received this vaccine 30 years ago. Even assuming the vaccine is safe, why would you suppose a terrorist would choose to unleash a virus against which our people have been vaccinated, when they have many other biological agents to choose from? If the terrorist can weaponize it, then they can also bioengineer to alter it. If you do go through with this, I predict a widespread lack of public trust and outcry that will far surpass the Swine Flu fiasco of 1976. Then you'll have on your hands a whole lot of kiddie and so-called 'adult formulae' (meaning mercury-laden) vaccines that you won't be able to peddle to anybody. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

EC -97