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DOCKETS ENTERED on March 18, 2002


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01D-0514 Guidance on Labeling of Reprocessed Single Use Devices *
01N-0322 Institutional Review Boards *

77N-0085 Saccharin and Its Salts

LET 64 Mary E. Wheeler, Ph. D. Vol#: 743

LET 65 Mary E. Wheeler, Ph. D. Vol#: 743

TR 1 Donald Kennedy Vol#: 744

TS 4 Stuart J. Hand & 2 other signatures Vol#: 745

98P-0151 Introduction Of Downed Cattle Into The Food Supply

C 5670 Janet E. Wenninger Vol#: 206

C 5671 Barbara Allen Vol#: 206

C 5672 The Peaceful Kingdom Alliance 4 Animals, Vol#: 206

C 5673 Dr. Emily Nelson Vol#: 206

00D-1598 Voluntary Labeling for Bioengineered Foods

C 9701 Susan Alfred Vol#: 460

C 9702 Lillia H. Scott Vol#: 460

C 9703 Melody Brandom Vol#: 460

01D-0514 Guidance on Labeling of Reprocessed Single Use Devices

C 3 Boston Scientific Corporation Vol#: 1

01H-0065 Civil Money Penalty for First Check Home Drug Test Devices

MO 12 Worldwide Medical Corporation Vol#: 1

01N-0322 Institutional Review Boards

C 2 National Organization for Rare Disorders Vol#: 1

01P-0230 Domestic Marketing & Importation of Transgenic Fish

C 832 Joel Moodie Vol#: 190

C 833 Andrew Teitz Vol#: 190

02V-0111 Laser Light Show

ACK 1 HFA-305 Vol#: 1

VAR 1 Mixed Entertainment Corporation Vol#: 1