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Docket: 01N-0284 - Import Tolerances
Comment Number: EC -8

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Commentor Mr. Bruce Schactler Date/Time 2002-03-11 19:29:22
Organization United Salmon Association
Category Association

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments March 11, 2002 To the FDA; As a salmon fishermen’s marketing association, we are writing to you with grave concern at your lack of involvement to what is happening to the seafood market within our country. It is a known fact that farmed seafood, almost entirely produced in foreign countries, is flooding our American markets. It is a known fact that the salmon farming industry has numerous negative impacts on our health, environment and American commercial fishermen. It is a known fact that numerous chemicals are used to fight disease within net pens and more chemicals added to salmon fish feed, though the average American believes fish is healthy and pure. There are many scientists reporting these facts, yet they are being ignored. Labeling must be mandatory on seafood, reflecting whether it is farmed or wild and noting its point of origin. Genetically Engineered fish, from the United States or any other country, should be banned from the marketplace. The FDA needs to work with American interests. There is a double-standard regarding seafood imports. Americans have many regulations they must follow to insure quality and safety, while products from many other countries have no such restrictions. Additionally, many of the drugs being used in the production of these fish are illegal in the United States and are deemed unfit for consumption. We hope you will take action to level the playing field for seafood producers in Alaska, and to let the public know what is in the seafood they are consuming. Sincerely, Bruce Schactler President United Salmon Association Kodiak, Alaska (907) 486-6899

EC -8