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Docket: 02N-0123 - Agy Info Coll Act: Proc. Filing & Recdkpg Requir. for Acidified Foods & Thermally Proces'd Food
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Commentor Ms. oliva Caceres Date/Time 2002-06-21 19:24:15
Organization Conservas Guajardo SA. de C.V
Category Academic

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1. Is the proposed collection of information necessary for the proper performance of FDA's functions? Will the information have practical utility? FOOD D DRUG ADMINISTRATION 1560 E. JEFFERSON DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48207 MR. FRANCIS L. BARNES INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION Dear Mr. Barnes: In the year 1985 from February 11 to 15 I was part of the seminary “technological advances in food canning” Organized by the National Association of Food packers A.C. ( Asociacion Nacional de Empacadores de Productos Alimenticios A.C. ) . With the participation of :  Instituto Mexicano de Comercio Exterior ( sede del evento )  Coordinación general de integración y desarrollo de la Secretaria de Agricultura y Recursos Hidráulicos  Food and Drug Administration de los Estados Unidos  Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentación ( F.A.O.)  Laboratorios Nacionales de Fomento Industrial ( LANFI ) Where you participed as ponent of this seminar and we had the chance to meet. In this seminary we had an evaluation at the end of each module; unluckily, i never got the aknowledgement given by the F.D.A, for this type of seminars, that recgonize us before your organization. It is higly important for me to know if I am really registered in your files, as an approved participant of the course. I understan it has been along time, and that it is a hard work but I need to know which steps are needed to be able to get any acknowledgment. I trust you will be able to give me this information, or in case it is not possible, the requirements needed, to be recognized before your organization as a known thecnician of food anning. I wish to thank you in advance for all the attention you may pay to this letter, best regards. Ing Oliva E. Cáceres Martínez Conservas Guajardo S.A. de C.V. (1985)

EC -1