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Docket: 99D-5046 - Changes to an Approved Application: Human Blood and Blood Components Intended for Transfusion
Comment Number: EC -6

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Commentor Ms. Denise Gretz Date/Time 2002-07-19 13:09:00
Organization S & D Merchandise
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I recently tried to give blood for a freind that was having a major surgery. I have given blood several times and this time was deferred. I was in the military from 1983-1986 and in that time was in Germany. I was there for 1 year and 3 months from 1985-1986. The rules have change on giving blood on May 31st, 2002. It was over 15 years ago when I was there and now I CAN'T give blood because of Mad Cow Disease???? I don't agree with this and am going to let people know I don't. Don't you think I would have shown signs of that disease by now? The time standards that have been put on this is Ridiculous! Can someone tell me how it was figured? Denise Gretz

EC -6