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Docket: 02N-0159 - Agency Information Collection Activities: Focus Groups as Used by the FDA
Comment Number: EC -3

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Commentor Dr. mark dan Date/Time 2002-07-04 10:14:44
Organization az
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Comments for FDA General
1. Is the proposed collection of information necessary for the proper performance of FDA's functions? Will the information have practical utility? pls investigate Pharmacutic international in MD and SL-Pharma in Wilmington DE they did make up results and plaied with lots of data the person who run PHAR INT is the brother of the owner and the persone who is responsible for lots of FDA violation in SL pharma his name raj and by the knowledge of the owner also by the name of waheed in pharmaceutic inter national also lots o FDA vio pls asked the employee by name ameesh he was let go and pls ask some of the employee they all relative work their and soem honest employee will talk to you about the manefacturing process in the clean room also in sl pharma the office manager by the name of linda was fired and 15 office mang were hired in the last 5 years in sl pharma and aske ed the qa to tell you the truth also ms garlick they hid lots of things and also in phar international ask melissa who is working for the R&D and method dev.---lots of violation done by alam and his brother working in the dissolution -- both company done work fo the same california base company you must invistigate pass the info to Dr kesler i will try to send other email and call thanks it is important more than you think thanks

EC -3