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Docket: 02D-0468 - Draft Guidance-Manufacture& Labeling-Raw Meat Foods-Carnivores&Omnivores
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Commentor Miss Rachel Baker Date/Time 2002-12-23 09:37:08
Organization Miss Rachel Baker
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I do not believe there should be prohibitive labeling on raw meat products bought for animal food. I buy raw meat products for people food, and there is no difference if I buy the raw food from the grocery store for my pet or from a company that specifically gears their raw food for pets. I would not be interested in buying a raw meat product that HAD to meet the nutritional giudelines set up by Dog food companies or whomever. I do not believe this is a healthy way to feed anything or anyone. People do not eat a nutritionally complete meal 3 times a day. They balance their nutrition over time. This is the way I choose to feed my pet. It is my choice to feed my companion animal whatever I choose, just as it is peoples' choice to feed their children whatever they choose. Unless there IS a proven nutritional deficiency, no one but the owner/guardian has any right to decide how the animal/child is to be fed. Raw meat products for companion animals, etc should be labeled RAW with obvious guidelines on handling, bacteria, etc. They should state that they are NOT nutritionally complete, and that the consumer is responsible for the health of their pet. I do not wish for the government to be bullied/bribed by the Pet Food Industry which is controlled by profit and not interested in the health of our pets over the long run. There have been NO long term studies carried out proving that dog food contributes to a long and healthy life. I believe raw meat products will do so, and am conducting my own study. I will continue to feed my dog raw meat products even if I have to buy people food to do so.

EC -6