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Docket: 02D-0468 - Draft Guidance-Manufacture& Labeling-Raw Meat Foods-Carnivores&Omnivores
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Commentor Dr. Thomas Dunn, Jr. Date/Time 2002-12-21 05:34:49
Organization Dr. Thomas Dunn, Jr.
Category Health Professional

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments As a verterinarian with 32 years experience in dog and cat medicine, and having owned three animal hospitals and a pet food and supply store I would like to comment on the raw pet food topic. I have sold literally tons of frozen and freeze dried meat diets made by Animal Food Services of Green Bay Wisconsin to my clients for their pets. These specific raw meat diets by AFS have been a consistently beneficial, practical, and safe for my clients' pets. This particular brand has consistently been associated with beneficial results nutritionally. The packaging provides thorough directions for handling and states that the product must be handled as one would any human targeted raw meat product. To restrict the public and their meat eating dogs and cats to the purchase of only cooked products, which also must be handled properly to conform with safe feeding practices, would be a disservice and prevent consumers from obtaining this ever-more-popular form of pet food.

EC -4