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Docket: 02D-0468 - Draft Guidance-Manufacture& Labeling-Raw Meat Foods-Carnivores&Omnivores
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Commentor Mrs. Laura Atkinson Date/Time 2002-12-20 17:27:30
Organization Mrs. Laura Atkinson
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I simply cannot believe that you are wasting time and money on this labeling guideline. Pet owners, such as myself, who feed raw foods to their animals are among the cream of the crop of pet owners. We have researched the various commercial products out there, both the garbage that is passed off as petfood in the form of kibble and the raw products sold by various manufacturers. By creating these guidelines, you're putting at risk a small industry of individuals who raise and sell animals, such as rabbits which don't qualify as livestock, cutting down on the quality products available to those of us who feed raw. This is clearly the product of lobbying gone amok. The buzzwords and phrases danger of bones and salmonella have been introduced to somehow prove that there is insurmountable danger. Yes, there are dangers when feeding bone products, many of us who feed our animals raw food will only feed human quality raw meats, thereby controlling the bone content ourselves. Salmonella and e. coli are handled differently in a canine digesttive system than a humans and not nearly the risk that the sources you quoted would have one believe. And anyone who handles raw meats for human use is more than familiar with safe handling procedures. I, for one, don't believe there is any need for this guidance from the FDA regulating a problem that doesn't even exist. Regards, Laura Atkinson

EC -3