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Docket: 02N-0209 - Request for Comment on First Amendment Issues
Comment Number: EC -267

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Commentor Mr. Thomas Miller Date/Time 2002-07-29 16:14:14
Organization Mr. Thomas Miller
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Comments for FDA General
9. Are there any regulations, guidance, policies, and practices FDA should change, in light of governing First Amendment authority? In particular, nothing should be done to eliminate or render ineffective, the provisions in the 1994 DSHEA act passed by Congress. NOTHING should block the TRUTH about drugs and supplements and the public understanding of them. Politics MUST NOT interfere with the right of the public to be informed and knowledgable regarding all aspects of health and wellness. It should be the roll of the FDA to ensure the citizens of this country have unlimited access to all knowledge that may affect their health and well being--including toxic drugs, dietary supplements and food in general.

EC -267