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Docket: 01N-0319 - Agency Information Collection Activities; Health and Diet Survey
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Commentor Mrs. Gary Houck Jr. Date/Time 2001-08-23 10:01:28
Organization Parent Tea Battle
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Comments for FDA General
5. General Comments Iíve been giving my 3 children, ages 10, 8, & 6 decaffeinated tea for lunch at school for some years now. We just moved to Lee County of North Carolina and they want to stop me from giving them 8 ozs. of tea each for lunch at least 4 days of the five. My husband and I let them buy lunch on Fridays. Iíve talked with the school board nutritionist of Lee County and she said it wasnít allowed by the FDA in Washington for the schools to give tea as one of the beverages for the lack of calcium in childrenís diets. So they feel they have the right not to let the parents provide tea either. My children get plenty of calcium in their foods and milk they have at home daily and they drink tea at home as well. I only put ĺ cup to a cup of sugar in a gallon of tea and their intake of sugar is minimal. I also budget our finances for all of our meals including the lunches I prepare for them each week which has in it decaffeinated tea. Juices are high in price and our budget does not allow them. Milk is not appropriate since it may spoil before they consume it and chocolate milk has more caffeine and sugar in it than I desire. I look out for my childrenís health as much as possible and they are very healthy except for small colds during the winter; I also supplement with vitamins especially in the winter. Sincerely, Mrs. G. L. Houck Jr.

EC -6