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Docket: 01N-0423 - Substances Prohibited from Use in Animal Food or Feed; Animal Proteins Prohibited in Ruminant Feed.
Comment Number: EC -7

Accepted - Volume 4

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Commentor Mr. William Askew Date/Time 2001-11-20 00:00:40
Organization Askew Farms/Structured Genetics
Category Company

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I would like to urge the discontinuence of feeding mammalian proteins for these reasons: 1. Concern of possible transference of Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, enhancing the possiblity of an outbreak of BSE or Mad Cow Disease. 2. Vegetable products can be used in lieu of mammalian proteins. 3. The closure of the EU community has created a hardship on my family's livelihood. We depend on the exportation of embryos and live cattle to make a living. The closure of the EU negatively effects businesses and farm families across the USA. American agriculture must positively participate in the world economy. Thank you, William M. Askew Askew Farms/Structured Genetics

EC -7