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Docket: 98P-0610 - Convert Allegra/Allegra-D,Claritin/Claritin-D,Zyrtec to OTC
Comment Number: EC -15

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Commentor Mr. Richard Fowler Date/Time 2001-05-15 22:16:34
Organization Exalt! Communications LLC
Category Company

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments We are opposed to drugs like Claritin being available otc. My wife and I are nearing retirement and I will not be able to afford to buy otc the daily dosage of Claritin that I require. Also, we are raising our grand-daughter and she also requires Claritin daily and we would not be able to pay for her medicine. Our medical insurance currently provides this benefit for us. Two other of our children would also be in the position of not being able to pay for this drug of necessity. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THE MOVEMENT OF THESE DRUGS OUT OF OUR PHARMACIES. MANY OLDER AMERICANS WILL SUFFER GREATLY IF YOU DO!!!

EC -15