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Docket: 00N-1269 - Labeling for Human Prescription Drug/Biologic Products
Comment Number: EC -12

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Commentor Mrs. stephanie farris Date/Time 2001-04-26 16:26:28
Organization Mrs. stephanie farris
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments i am amazed at the lack of concern for Americans to have easy to read labels on genetically modified food. we have thorough food labels to help us count calories, protect us from possible allergens(peanut oil) and to help us know if we are consuming too much sodium in one serving. we are intelligent and able people who should know what we are eating. you force aspirin companies to label their products with safety measures and precautions. Children's cereal has to be labeled if the remotest part came in contact with peanuts. We have a right to know and to make informed decisions. You are infringing on our rights by not requiring food companies to be upfront about their product. In an increasingly health conscious world where we wonder where our food came from, where we are concerned for our children's intake of pesticides on the apples they eat, where we filter our water to prevent bacteria and lead from getting into our water, you are allowing companies to voluntarily not tell consumers about their ge products. in a world where the majority of nations are requiring are giving companies a free ride. Ge foods may be fine. You may feed them to your children every day. But, I should be able to make wise nformed decisions on my own. And if asked right now...i would choose non-gmo food. (and i believe i am in the majority of americans)please require companies to be responsible and wise and label their GE modified foods.

EC -12