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Docket: 00N-1396 - Premarket Notice Concerning Bioengineered Foods
Comment Number: EC -175

Accepted - Volume 23

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Commentor Dr. Mark Voss Date/Time 2001-03-23 13:45:52
Organization Wisconsin Rural Development Center
Category Association

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I wish to register my concern in the strongest possible terms concerning the proposed FDA rule regarding genetically modified foods. Under the proposed rule, consumers are not given adequate information about the contents of their food. I, for one, am not comfortable putting genetically engineered food on my families table and demand that the FDA require food labeling of GE foods. I further urge the FDA to place a moratorium on all GE foods, those currently in the food supply as well as new ones. The FDA must establish rigorous criteria for human and environmental health over the long term of these foods. I further urge the FDA to do as many prudent European governments have done in employing the precautionary principle for these GE products. The potential risks to human beings as well as the environment of putting these new life forms into fields and the food supply unchecked far outweigh the short term short sighted profits of the multinational food and pharmaceutical corporations. Please do the right thing for the American public and rework the proposed rule. Thank you for considering my comments.

EC -175