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Docket: 00D-1598 - Voluntary Labeling Indicating Whether Foods Have Been Developed Using Bioengineering
Comment Number: EC -255

Accepted - Volume 78

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Commentor Dr. Michael Palmer Date/Time 2001-03-16 14:39:01
Organization Oklahoma State University
Category Academic

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I think consumers have a right to know whether their foods have been bioengineered. I think that labeling should be mandatory, not voluntary. Here at OSU, our department is in the midst of a job search for a molecular geneticist. A number of our candidates have done extensive work on transgenics; much of this work has been done in association with the industry. One of the major take-home messages from this process is that the 'art' of genetic transformation is much more of an art than a science, and that transgenic plants are inherently unstable. In other words, the only real predictable thing about genetic modification is its unpredictability. We have seen this time and time again with issues reaching the media spotlight - but it also seems that it has happened even more times 'behind the scenes'. I believe the public needs to know that they may be putting themselves (and the environment) at risk if they are consuming transgenic (and other genetically modified) foods. Thus, I urge mandatory rather than voluntary labeling.

EC -255