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Docket: 00N-1665 - Consumer Roundtable; Notice of Meeting
Comment Number: EC -15

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Commentor Mrs. Ruth Posadas Date/Time 2001-03-15 14:47:20
Organization Department of Marine Resources
Category Food Industry

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments To Whom it may concern, I would like to know if you have short video films in Spanish, Vietnamese and English Languages on Sanitation Practices expecially for Shellfish Processing? There are many workers in the shellfish industry of Mississippi that are not fluent with English. As a state agency, it is our duty to help the industry to solve certain problems or to facilitate to solution to certain problems that could help the industry as a whole. One of the problems we see is the lack of effective communications from supervisor to workers with regards to employee sanitation practices. There is an apparent communication gap due to language barriers. If there is a way that communication gap can be bridged effectively so that SSOP's will be followed and citations during inspections will be minimized, I believe it will help the industry as a whole. Effective communication will certainly help a lot in the education of employees to promote food safety. If you have educational materials other than video, would you please share to us the sources and how to get hold of them? Is there a program by the FDA that gives grants to state organizations that promotes education like HACCP seminars for non-English speaking population?

EC -15