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Docket: 00N-1396 - Premarket Notice Concerning Bioengineered Foods
Comment Number: EC -137

Accepted - Volume 23

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Commentor Ms. Lisa Valdmets Date/Time 2001-03-14 10:13:07
Organization Ms. Lisa Valdmets
Category Individual

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I am concerned about the amount of genetically altered foods already being consumed by the public and myself who aren't even aware what we are putting into our bodies and our children's bodies.. I think until we have EXTENSIVE long term studies on the possible health effects of genetically modified foods we should at the very least label them as such so that parents and individuals have the right to make a choice..let's not harm our children it is our responsibility to make this world, our environment the safest, cleanest, best place to be and set an example for our children. To do that we need to proceed with caution, use planning and responsibility.. I do not want Monsanto or Corporate America in my kitchen or in my home I want safe food to eat. The corporations are NOT trying to feed the world they are trying to feed their insatiable bank accounts. I am not a person who necessarily wants to shop at the healthfood, organic grocery stores, I feel however forced to shop for organic or non-GMO where I hope the food has not been tampered with. Thank you for your attention to this very important issue.. it's our children, it's their future.. Corporate America is running our lives and the goverment and determining our fate this is wrong.. it should be our children first and the world we leave them with.. not Corporate America.. Let's please try and get the priorities straight Thank you. L. Valdmets

EC -137