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Docket: 94P-0036 - Labeling of Trans Fatty Acids
Comment Number: EC -10

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Commentor Ms. Patricia Hiers Date/Time 2001-01-04 10:22:18
Organization Ms. Patricia Hiers
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments To whom it may concern: First, thank-you for reopening the comment period. At the time of the first period I was ignorant to what trans fat was or how it can cause damage to my health. After researching much of the work of Dr. Mary Enig, as well as other research work related to trans fatty acids, I have made a very conscious attempt to avoid all products containing partially hydrogenated oils. However, it is not easy especially when eating out in restaurants or eating others' cooking. I believe that until it is mandatory that the amount of trans fat is listed clearly on food labels, restaurants and the manufacturers of processed convienence foods will continue to keep consumers in the dark. For example, I have attempted to educate my 60+ year old parents about the dangers of trans fats and have encouraged them not to purchase any processed convience foods. In addition, I have tried to show them how to subtract the sub totals of various fats listed, (ie saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated) from the total fats to get the amount of trans fats (the difference) and to pay special attention to those products labeled low-fat or no fat as some of them contain high amounts of the trans fat. However, at their age if it's not clearly visible on the label and their doctor isn't warning them of it, then they don't think its a big deal! My guess is they are not alone since most people I've talked to about trans fat have little or no knowledge of the health risks associated with it. I also hope that in addition to the labeling of products, that the FDA will do more to ensure doctors are informed of the many various health problems that are being studied regarding trans fat in the diet (ie cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, juvenile growth abnormalities, lactation in nursing mothers, etc). Also, along this same note, I believe that consumers need to be better educated concerning the need for essential fatty acids in the diet. Even now when I read news articles or hear any health news on the TV, most ignore the existence of trans fat and how it effects our health or the need to ensure that while we limit our fat intake that we don't ignore our need for the essential fatty acids. Again, thank-you for allowing the additional comments. Sincerely, Patricia Hiers

EC -10