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Docket: 00N-1665 - Consumer Roundtable; Notice of Meeting
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Commentor Mr. Kip Sullivan Date/Time 2001-01-09 17:07:25
Organization Mr. Kip Sullivan
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1. General Comments Dear Dr. Feigel: I was diagnosed with colitis in February 1991. In April and May 1991, I had 14 silver fillings removed. By July 1991, my colitis and its associated symptoms were gone. The other symptoms included night sweats, mild nausea, sensitive skin (as if I had the flu), bone-crushing fatigue, and phlegm in the throat. The colitis has never returned. At no time did I take the anti-inflammatory drug prescribed by my gastroenterologist. I made no other changes in my life during the spring and summer of 1991 that could account for the sudden disappearance of the colitis. I have no doubt that my colitis disappeared because I removed silver-mercury fillings from my mouth. Thank you. Kip Sullivan

EC -2