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DOCKETS ENTERED on January 5, 2001


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97S-0163 Dietary Supplements, Courtesy Letters (Letters of Objection) *

97S-0163 Dietary Supplements, Courtesy Letters (Letters of Objection)

LET 421 HFS-456 to Fitness Labs Nutrition Corp Vol#: 11

LET 422 HFS-456 to Country Life Vol#: 11

LET 423 HFS-456 to Sanatur Gesellschaft fur Natu Vol#: 11

LET 424 HFS-456 to NBTY Inc Vol#: 11

LET 425 HFS-456 to NatureSmart Inc Vol#: 11

LET 426 HFS-456 to Sonrich Corporation Vol#: 11

LET 427 HFS-456 to Nordic Naturals Vol#: 11

LET 428 HFS-456 to Pharmavite Corporation Vol#: 11

LET 429 HFS-456 to Hyman Phelps & McNamara Vol#: 11

LET 430 HFS-456 to Shaklee Corporation Vol#: 11

LET 431 HFS-456 to Jarrow Formulas Inc Vol#: 11

LET 432 HFS-456 to M K Health Food Distributors Vol#: 11

LET 433 HFS-456 to Kleinfeld Kaplan & Becker Vol#: 11

LET 434 HFS-456 to Maxi Health Research Inc Vol#: 11

LET 435 HFS-456 to Sunstar Pharmaceutical Inc Vol#: 11

LET 436 HFS-456 to Young Living Essential Oils Vol#: 11
LET 437 HFS-456 to Mannatech Inc Vol#: 11
 00D-1681 Potassium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking Agent

GDL 1 Guideline Vol#: 1

NAD 1 Vol#: 1

00N-1678 Expansion of Medical Device Industry Initiatives

N 1 Vol#: 1