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Docket: 00N-1521 - Food Labeling Regulations
Comment Number: EC -18

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Commentor Mr. George Greer Date/Time 2000-12-06 18:55:54
Organization Mr. George Greer
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Comments for FDA General
5. General Comments I would like to see someware on the product labeling if a product contains any traces of animal protain of any sorce ie: fats meats or broths, this information should some how be made to stand out on the food package. due to food alergies we are required to read all ingerdeants on labels, if my wife eats any amount of meat fat or proteen she will at the least end up in the hospital and posabley dead. I know of several people that has this food alergy and with good labling all reactions can and would be prevented. Please help me and the others in this same situation to prevent ferther complications from this alergey. If it is required by law that any products containing nut protain be labeled differntly to ensure that the consumer knows as such.Then Why not MEAT. please send any information that would be helpfull in getting these laws changed.

EC -18