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Docket: 00N-1396 - Premarket Notice Concerning Bioengineered Foods
Comment Number: EC -82

Accepted - Volume 17

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Commentor Mr. alan mart Date/Time 2001-02-17 12:45:37
Organization Mr. alan mart
Category Food Industry

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments Europe,Japan,Brazil and other countries require labeling and separation in handling of these crops now. If these foods are so good, why not label them? Why are the companies that make these things not proud of them? Organic foods are regulated and labeled proudly so that consumers can know and choose them if they like. How can our regulators regulate these crops on a continuing basis if they are undistinguished in the food system? They cannot.Already the mixing GE corn has cost farmers,elevator operators,processors,manufacturers,exporters, and retailers 100's of millions of dollars in just this 1 incident. This is a new technology and as such should have to be checked and rechecked over time.Without separate handling practices and labeling we risk the further erosion of theU.S. farmers' share of the the world export market if we follow this path. Do the job you are mandated to do. Faithfully administrate this new technology in the interests of the American and worldwide consumer. The risk of failing to act in the manner suggested are great for all stake holders including your agency. Has the, so called, MADCOW situation in the European Union and central europe not taught our scientific community anything? The risks are not worth the gains. It is not prudent at this time to mix these foods in the food system without labeling at all levels of its travel to the table. WHY NOT INFORM EVERYONE?

EC -82