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Docket: 00N-1396 - Premarket Notice Concerning Bioengineered Foods
Comment Number: EC -59

Accepted - Volume 17

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Commentor Mr. Walt Stachon Date/Time 2001-02-07 09:08:43
Organization Mr. Walt Stachon
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Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments I support the FDA's current policy on labeling foods derivered from biotechnology, that is, labeling if a material change has been made that affects nutrition or health. I see no problem with voluntary labeling if a company wants to give consumers a choice of foods without biotech ingredients. Mandatory labeling would be more costly because of the need to keep ingredients separate so I don't think the majority of consumers should have to pay these unneceaary expenses if there is no scientific need for the labeling. Sincerely, Walt Stachon

EC -59